Nice to meet you…

My name is Rhiannon and I am an undergraduate student at the University of Edinburgh. I am currently studying MA Fine Art with joint honours in History of Art and Photography.

I was recently awarded ‘Best Series’ in the Global Justice Academy Photography Competition 2019. My photo series Snapdragon from my body of work, Ignorance is Bliss, will be on display in McEwan Hall, Edinburgh from 10th – 17th June, 2019. This project draws attention to the traces of colonialism remaining in the coffee industry. Using a variety of techniques including scanography and illustration, I created digital artwork from photographic recordings of my local coffee shops, replacing their characterful furnishings with symbols of imperial power.

My recent project Photophobia has been developed on the theme of Migraine and its associated visual disturbances including extreme light sensitivity. I have developed several outcomes from this work. Photophobia III is currently the most resolved, which pairs two abstract works with two portraits, documenting the feelings of discomfort and disturbance associated with disrupted vision. I have developed this theme further in my outcome Mygraine which begins to explore the visual symptoms of aura, using 3D colour blending technique to distort the image.

‘What Colour is Nude?’ is a flesh-like jigsaw puzzle which I made whilst working on my piece Ignorance is Bliss. I was interested in the materiality of Fi­mo clay and the impressions my fingers left behind when handling it – Rachel Whiteread’s concrete torsos were a pertinent inspiration for this work. I experimented with making jigsaw pieced which took on a skin-like, anthropomorphic quality, leading to the development of a project based on the topical issues within the beauty industry concerning skin colour. My project was concerned with the use of names such as: ivory, toffee, porcelain, coffee, chocolate or nude to denote skin colour and the underlying assumption that nude could refer to a single skin tone (which differs from brand to brand).